New cover love! Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress

It’s Fourth of July in Salem, Massachusetts—and B&B owner Charlene Morris is about to witness the shot heard ’round the town . . .
Madison Boswell, a beauty recently transplanted from Boston, is starring in the Independence Day play in this New England town full of colonial history—and, of course, witchcraft. Madison may not be a Wiccan, but she does seem to have certain hypnotic powers. And she’s left some angry people in her wake, from a fellow actress beaten out for a role to a jealous betrayed wife. Now, as Charlene films the performance for her housemate, Jack—a handsome ghost who shares the Victorian bed-and-breakfast with her and her Persian cat—the drama queen takes a deadly bullet from what was supposed to be a prop gun.
With a long list of suspects and lots of backstage whispers, it looks like the investigation by Charlene and Detective Sam Holden could set off some fireworks . . .

4 thoughts on “New cover love! Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress

  1. I love this series
    I wish there was some way you could have Jack come back to life for Charlene.
    Anything is possible in fiction I think!

  2. I love finding new authors to read. I just finished Mrs. Morris and the Ghost. What a wonderful story. Picked up a copy of Mrs. Morris and The Witch today at Barnes and Noble. Look forward to reading the other books in this series as well. So glad I found this series.

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